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With their giant stature and generally vibrant colors, when stepping onto an event grounds there is no visual pull quite like the one coming from bouncy castles. The addition of one of these rentals brings an added layer of enjoyment regardless of age, which is why it’s one of the most common new rental types that we at Plano Bounce House Rentals bring. With their simplistic nature and hours of endless enjoyment, it’s no wonder why these inflatable items bring the fun for all ages to any gathering.

Adult Bounce House Rentals

Many associate the romping nature of bouncing around in an inflatable castles with toddler parties and middle school picnics, but we understand that every now and then adults like to let loose and bring out their inner child. One of the most enjoyable ways to do so is through that of our adult bounce house rentals. Kick off your shoes, climb inside and remove the barrier between yourself and a great time, despite the naysayers and party killers. Our bouncy castle rentals are made for jumping, so get on in and enjoy yourself.


Kid Bounce House Rentals

When looking to bring the fun of a bounce house while maintaining safety, the mini bouncy castle rentals that we provide are specifically targeted to kids and toddlers, giving them a space in which they can enjoy themselves and giving you the peace of mind that comes with their safety. When choosing Plano Bounce House Rentals for your parties, you can depend on a wide variety of choices in order to specifically target your jump house to the age demographic that will be enjoying it. We bring fun to all ages, maximizing the fun of every member of your event.

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