Plano Slide Rental (Water Slide and Dry Slide)

From the outside, a slide may seem like a simple way trip going in one direction, but the variety and design of various different slides bring the capacity to enjoy their function in many different ways. No matter the type of slide you’re looking for, you can depend on our professionals to bring you the choices wanted and the affordability needed to add another dimension to your next event. From waterslides, to dry slides, inflatable and more, we have the selection you seek for the perfect slide rental for your event.

Inflatable Slide Rental

Simple to install and easy to maintain, our inflatable slides bring you the same level of enjoyment as a standard dry slide, with the added layer of safety that comes with the same build put into our bounce rentals. Choosing this particular rental from our specialists provides you with an affordable option that is enjoyable for almost all ages. With easy maintenance, and even easier cleaning, an inflatable slide option will bring more to your local event, and immediately attract the attention of those taking part with their large nature, vibrant colors and enjoyability easy to notice.

Age Targeted: We bring a slew of slide rental options to our customers in order to ensure that when you call us, that you have the option to specifically target your rentals to a particular audience. Whether you need to couple a slide with toddler bounce house rentals or are looking for a larger slide that has the ability to support the weight of grown adults, making the choice to reach out to Plano Bounce House Rentals will provide you with the range of options needed to perfectly organize your next event. When you need variety on top of affordability, you can trust in the service provided by Plano Bounce House.

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Water Slide Rentals Are Perfect In The Hot Weather!
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Bouncy Slide Rentals Are Fun At Every Event!

Premium Quality Water Slide Rentals

Why You Need A Waterslide or Dry Slide at your Event Today!

Weekends are always best spent with the whole family. It’s the ideal time to sit down, watch movies with the children, or have meals together. Well, that’s really great. Except that we all know that kids have a lot of energy, and they would not sit still. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep your children from getting bored and restless. You can contact Plano Bounce House Rentals for water slide rentals in Plano, TX!

Perfect for parties, weekend activities, and other events, our inflatable water slides are just what you need to keep the kids—and even adults alike—entertained! We offer a wide range of slide designs, shapes, and sizes. So, you are never out of options! Are you still asking yourself, “Is there a reliable inflatable slide rental near me?” Well, you shouldn’t have to worry because Plano Bounce House is here to provide you with colorful and fun water slides for rent.

water slide rentals in plano TX


Our Wide Selection of Water Slide Rentals in Plano

If you’re looking for water slide rentals in Plano, TX, you will never go wrong if you choose the best provider in town. Plano Bounce House has all these water slides that kids, and kids-at-heart will surely enjoy!

Below are some of the water slides you could rent from us:

Double Drop Water Slide

This 18-feet water slide doubles the excitement with its second drop halfway down the slide! Double slide means double the excitement, yes?


Activate your kids’ spidey sense with this Spiderman Bounce and Slide Combo. It has a basketball hoop where kids can try to shoot webbings from their wrists just like Spiderman! Isn’t that amazing?

Backyard Tsunami Water Slide

Bring the beach to your backyard with this 13-feet Backyard Tsunami Slide. A perfect addition to any party, or all-day fun with your kids, this slide lets you feel the waves as if you’re at the beach. No need to travel far because this slide will bring you the waves as close as your backyard.

Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine

Ever imagined being part of Scooby Doo and friends’ adventures? Well, this Mystery Machine Water Slide will make your dreams come true! Bounce, climb, and slide your way through the Mystery Machine to find clues just like Scooby Doo to solve mysteries. Better wear your bathing suits because the mystery machine is both wet and dry. Get ready for an adventure with this slide!

Star Wars

Let your kids test their Jedi skills with this bounce and slide combo house that will make fun and excitement be with them all day.

Little Mermaid

Go under the sea with this Little Mermaid-themed bounce and slide that will surely make your princesses and princes get a kick out of.

Benefits of Renting a Water Slide

We are always there for you!

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Cost-Effective and Affordable Form of Entertainment

You’re probably thinking water slides would cost an arm and a leg. Well, yes, if you buy them. On the other hand, if you’re renting, they won’t cost as much for sure. When you rent, you’re relieved of any worries in setting-up the structure. All you need to do is provide an open space with a flat ground.

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Convenient Solution for Your Parties and Events

When you rent a water slide from Plano Bounce House, you can sit back and focus on having fun. Our team of event specialists will do all the work. We’ll take charge in setting up and inflating your water slide. When the party's over, we will do the work in packing up the water slide, too, so you can get your much-needed rest.

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Various Slide Options to Choose From

When you’re renting, you won’t get stuck with a single water slide design. You can try a variety of styles and themes. So, every time you rent, you can enjoy a different feature. If you’re having a themed-party, you could easily choose a water slide color or design that would suit your theme.

Plus, you can choose a water slide that adults can enjoy, too. Nothing beats the fun of bouncing and sliding in different water slides with different features! More importantly, you don’t have to worry about storing anything!


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Get the Kids Outdoors and Away from their Gadgets

Most kids nowadays spend their time indoor in front of a computer or a smartphone playing games or watching videos online. They are so obsessed with gadgets that it’s so hard to drag them out of their bedrooms to do anything else. Without much physical activity, your kids’ health condition could deteriorate.

What better way to attract kids to step outdoors than a colorful, huge, and bouncy water slide! Bouncing and sliding around the water slide promotes bone and muscle growth, and improves heart health. Your kids’ eyesight can take a break from too much exposure to computer and smartphone screens, too. Plus, we all know that fresh air outdoors is always best for our health.


Improve Your Kids' Socialization Skills

In a party where there is a water slide, your kids could easily make friends. Kids tend to talk with each other when they play in one area, thus, creating friendships. Your children’s social skills develop as they play along and build relationships with other kids.


Parents Can Relax Without Worrying About their Kids’ Safety

While your young ones have fun with a water slide, you too can take a break and relax from running around with your kids all day. Admit or not, it’s quite stressful to catch up with your kids’ high-energy. You can’t even take your time for a proper shower, right? However, when your kids are occupied with bouncing and sliding outdoors, you sure can take a breather. Don’t worry about safety because our water slides are made from high-quality vinyl and nylon materials filled with air. So, your kids are safe from lumps and bruises.


Rent Colorful Inflatable Water Slides from Plano Bounce House

For many years, Plano Bounce House has been offering high-quality water slides in Plano, Texas. We guarantee our customers that all our inflatables are properly maintained to ensure an enjoyable experience for your kids. Our team of professional events specialists takes pride in giving the utmost attention and dedication to handling customers’ needs. So, you are sure to have a memorable experience with your kids, or your guests at any backyard party.

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